Kid’s Martial Arts in Beaver Dam

Award winning kids martial arts classes are offered at Third Heaven Martial Arts. For over 2 decades our academy has been a leader in kids martial arts. We build strong and confident kids. We offer kids programs for Bully Busters, Stranger Danger, Karate, Kung Fu and Jiujitsu. Classes are separated by age and skill level.  Every class is taught by an adult certified black belt instructor. Children age 4 and up learn martial arts, fitness and confidence in our fun and exciting programs.  Give your child a head start in life by choosing Third Heaven Martial Arts.  




Team Work


Self Control

We Build Confidence

Programs at Third Heaven Martial Arts  have been carefully designed to help build confidence in young children.  Our 5-7 year olds develop hand-eye coordination and motor skills, our older kids and young adults learn bully busters, stranger danger and leadership skills that will last them a lifetime. Did you know that your child’s confidence grows every time something new is learned?  Third Heaven Kids learn life skills such as strength, teamwork, positive attitude, respect and self control. Through our philosophy of positive reinforcement, your child will develop the confidence to handle new situations and become a champion of not just the martial arts but of life.

Middle School Age Martial Arts


Our middle school age class at Third Heaven Martial Arts is one of our most popular programs.  Mixed Martial Arts gives kids a positive outlet and allows teenagers to take out their aggression in a positive manner.  Our MMA class designed for youth provides a fun, high energy workout.  Young students learn boxing, kickboxing and jiujitsu while developing powerful life skills such as teamwork and leadership.

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