Brazilian Jiujitsu Association

Third Heaven Martial Arts offers instructor training on a global scale.  We help instructors develop Brazilian Jiujitsu curriculums, Mixed Martial Arts certification and Martial Arts Leadership programs.  If you are looking to increase your enrollment and include Third Heaven Martial Arts programs at your academy please contact us today.

MMA Curriculum

Adding an MMA curriculum is one of the fastest ways to grow your adult martial arts programs.  We can teach you how to add an MMA and Kickboxing program that will help you enroll and retain new adult students.  We offer a non contact MMA and Kickboxing program that will be perfect for any academy.


MMA and BJJ Distance Learning

Check out our growing Youtube Channel with over 1/4 of a million views people from all over the world that are studying the Third Heaven Martial Arts curriculums.  Our Youtube channel is growing everyday and we are always adding techniques for self defense, jiujitsu, kung fu, traditional weapons and more.

YouTube Technique of the Week

Martial Arts Leadership

Students and instructors will benefit from our Martial Arts Leadership training.  Developing team leaders and assistant instructors is one of the most important things you will need to do to run a successful  Martial Arts academy.  Our professional Martial Arts Association teaches you a step by step program to developing leaders in your school.  Instructor certification is about more than just learning a martial arts curriculum, a true instructor is a leader.

Just a few categories our Martial Arts Instructor Certification Includes…

  • Teaching an intro class
  • Leading a white belt test
  • Developing a black belt school
  • Leading a large kids class
  • BJJ Black Belt and Red Bar Test