Kick Boxing

Kick Boxing, MMA and Fitness Boxing are great ways to stay in shape.  High energy kickboxing programs in Beaver Dam available for all experience levels.

Kids Classes

Kids build confidence at Third Heaven Martial Arts.  Our classes are exciting and help kids of all ages learn team work, self control, self discipline and self defense.

Brazilian Jiujitsu

Brazilian Jiujitsu made popular by the UFC has been offered at Third Heaven Martial Arts since 1995.  Third Heaven is one of the top Brazilian Jiujitsu academies in the midwest.

Martial Arts in Beaver Dam, WI

Established in 1995 Third Heaven Martial Arts has a long history of excellence and is one of the top martial arts academies in Wisconsin. We offer classes for kids and adults.  Kickboxing, Brazilian Jiujitsu, Mixed Martial Arts, Self Defense and Fitness.    Over the years we have helped many people reach above and beyond there goals in both fitness and martial arts.

Karate and Jiujitsu for Kids

For over 20 years Third Heaven Martial Arts has been the leading academy for youth martial arts programs in Wisconsin.  Kids develop many skills including leadership, team work, confidence and respect while learning the best martial arts around.

Give Your Child a Head Start in Life

Third Heaven offers award winning curriculums in Karate, Kung Fu, Jiujitsu and Mixed Martial Arts.  Our instructors are certified black belts in multiple styles of martial arts.  We are committed to providing the absolute best training experience for your family.

Mixed Martial Arts

MMA, Kickboxing and Fitness Boxing are some of our most popular adult programs at Third Heaven Martial Arts.  Get in shape, earn your black belt and learn the fastest growing sport in America.  No experience needed we have the perfect program for beginners.

I am in the best shape of my life thanks to Third Heaven Martial Arts, I highly recommend the kickboxing program!

Instructor Justin Morris

Stop in Third Heaven Martial Arts and learn from the best!  Instructor Justin Morris holds black belts in several martial arts including Brazilian Jiujitsu, Tae Kwon Do and Karate.  Morris also holds instructors ranks in Kung Fu and Japanese Weapons. Justin Morris the founder of Third Heaven Martial Arts founded the first MMA academy in Beaver Dam Wisconsin in 1997.


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